Gianni Manucci, Owner/Winemaker
Wild Coyote Estate Winery

Winery Equipment Testimonial

"The Vintner's Vault has been a major asset to our winery's success. We relied on them to set up our entire winery's operations from the ground up. Their wine making expertise, coupled with the equipment knowledge of Ryan Horn and his staff's professional expertise on hand and "locally" here in Paso. The Vintner's Vault's dedication to quality products and services provides the caliber of resources that will continue making Paso Robles one of the greates wine regions in the country."

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Tank 5000 Liter  VCT  Flat Bottom  Shorter Wider  Custom Tank

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Tank 5000 Liter - VCT - Flat Bottom - Shorter Wider - Custom Tank
TK - CO - VCT - F - 5000W
Variable Capacity Wine / Fermenting Tank, Stainless Steel with Flat Bottom. Custom made for your wineries specific needs - Diameter 175 cm x 200 cm


1. Door:  
Tank Door
2. Oval Racking Door:  
Oval Racking Door
3. Cooling Heating Jacket:  
Cooling Heating Jacket
4. Sample Valve:  
Sample Valve
5. Drain Outlet:  
Drain Outlet Size
6. Racking Outlet:  
Racking Outlet Size
7. Ladder Rack:  
Ladder Rack
8. Winch:  
Winch for Lid

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Variable Capacity Flat Bottom Wine / Fermenting Tank


Never knowing exactly what harvest will bring these variable capacity tanks are the equivalent of having multiple fixed capacity tanks. They are perfect for the growing winery and the variation that comes with each years harvest.


Closed Top Sloped Bottom Wine TankQuality

Our high quality wine / fermenting tanks are custom made to order so you can the exact size and features you're looking for. Invest wisely in our high quality tanks, and you will be happy for years and years to come.


Manufactured in Italy using only AISI-304 Stainless Steel, with beautiful precision food grade seams and welds. We can provide you with a schematic of your custom made wine tank with all your options prior to ordering to insure the proper fit with your equipment and your facility. 

*Picture Shown is an Example of a Flat Bottom Tank


All the jackets we use are a large dimple high flow design which allow a greater temperature change to occur quicker than a standard fully jacketed wine tank. Smarter design equals less material cost and greater savings for you. This tank comes equipped with two 1.5" Tri-clover outlets.

Diameter: 68.9 inches
Height: 78.7 inches
Wall Thickness: 1.5 mm
Bottom Thickness: 2 mm

Variable Capacity Wine Tanks Come with Lid, Bladder, Air Pump, and Airlock

This tank is shorter and wider to accommodate those with height restrictions.

Cooling/Heating Jackets available upon request.


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